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Limited Issue Fine Jewellery

Leeds & Jensen specializes in one of a kind and limited issue fine jewellery crafted with attention to detail not found in the mass production processes used by most jewellery manufacturers.

Stunningly Beautiful Jewellery Awaits!

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Leeds & Jensen pieces are made with the finest materials using expertly selected diamonds and gemstones from our international sources.

Social responsibility:

All diamonds used in the production of Leeds & Jensen jewellery are comflict free and conform to the "Kimberley Process" to ensure that your cherished heirloom was crafted without harming another's safety, human rights, and dignity.

Feel Special:

If you desire a one of a kind piece or limited production jewellery suited to the individual, created with the care and skill you deserve and should expect, contact the jeweller that shares this very same vision.


Leeds & Jensen limited issue jewellery is available only through our exclusive dealer network.

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